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Welcome to Fine Form Design Studios UK, Model Making website. We will give you a brief insight in to our expertise and ability to show you that anything can be possible.

Fine Form Design have been making models for nearly 20 years in which we have encountered an enourmous amount of projects from all walks of life, from architects to graphic designers to exhibition and shop designers etc.

Model making is a difficult but interesting industry since most projects are all different from the next and many projects involve developing new techniques in order to achieve the objective and even in some cases we have had to actually design machines to achieve the desired results. So as you can appreciate like the computer industry we are continuously on a learning curve and as is eveident in the business, the key to good model makers is experience.

With this web site we briefly cover a range of areas of our model making to give an idea of the diversity to show how what you design on paper we can bring to life.

Model making is a funny word to describe what we do, because if I was to describe it I would say it's precision engineering coupled with artistic influence and technical knowledge and skill not to mention, we also need to know the dicsipline of both designers and architects to understand the objectives fully, so to sum up in two words I suppose we had better stick to the universal phrase model makers but people do think model makers have something to do with Airfix kits??? ;-)

Right that cleared up, the areas of our work we are mainly involved with are, architectural models, advertising creative models and displays, corporate gift design and manufacture, exhibition stands and displays, POP POS or shop window displays and features, awards and trophies, casting both metal and resin, steel and plastic fabrication, display case makers.

Although this sounds like we do so many things the skills required to do any of the areas above are similar and it's a definite advantage to have this range because we can give solid creative advice on manufacture and materials to use as well as design advice if required in order to make your ideas possible.

From your brief, we can see the project right through to the installation, taking care of all the logistics. We have worked in most of the premier shopping centres across the country.

Exhibition Stand Design and Build : exhibition stands build and installation.

Road Shows:- We can design, build and install the display, we will also work closely with you in order to manage the event most effectively, logistics etc.

Tooling is very important in the model making industry, without a good range of equipment you will be extremely limited to the kind of work you can undertake. The sort of machines you would require are circular saws, milling machines, sanders, routers, lathes, drills, grinders, welders, industrial spraying equipment and practically every known hand tool.

This is just a few that spring to mind in addition we have invested heavily over the years in equipment, we have pressure casting machines, vacuum chambers, metal and resin casting machines, vulcernnising presses, industrial polishing machines, glass bead blasters, computer based modelling to name but a few of our key equipment.

As I mentioned earlier the equipment allows you to take on board more and more complex projects and I'm pleased to say that we have reached a point now that we can make practically everything.

I hope you have found our site informative and helpful, if you have any questions please feel free to contact us anytime.

Thank you for visiting our site, we look forward to the opportunity to help you.


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